Women and Gossip

This week, Pope Francis caused quite a stir when he warned hair dressers not to gossip. Many articles have been written about the Pontif's words, many in jest given he was not wading into another major socially wraught political issue like abortion, divorce or gay rights. I thought I'd offer a rather different perspective on... Continue Reading →

4 Days in Doha

In doha, I was astounded to find women walking the beautiful and serene city streets at 1:00 midnight. I saw couples young and old holding hands walking the amazing Al Corniche street along the waterfront. I saw families with infants just leisurely enjoying a stroll at midnight. I saw women in full hijab exercising on the public exercise equipment littered on the beautiful street side. I saw women enjoying night out in the amazing Souq Waqif, some in hijab, others not, some smoking, others not. In essence, this was the most cosmopolitan city I have ever witnessed, especially at night.

Unpopular Opinion

The idea that Ghanaian Christians are Islamophobic is not entirely accurate. I say this with trepidation because of what it means for people from the various sides of this debate raging in Ghana right now regarding this subject. So I will take my time to carefully lay down my reasons. I want to start with... Continue Reading →

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