Rejoinder: Manasseh’s Love Letter to Ebody

Let me tell you something, Manasseh is a stupid sanctimonious jackass misogynist. And please my sister out there, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: DON'T LET SHAME CONTROL YOUR LIFE. People like Manasseh are conditioning you to live by shame. It is a great trick applied in the name of love to mask the power moves they are making. Don't fall for the nefarious "I'm doing this because you're precious" trick. It is the oldest and most effective trick in the book. Put them up on a pedestal and keep them locked up in that pedestal while saying boys will be boys. And, my sister, you are not a flower or butterfly. All bull crap about your body time limits is nonsense. I have seen 50-year-old women who have sexually attracted me more than a lot of 19 or 20 year olds. Life is all about finding the right person and living your life with the most happiness and adventure you can find. Don't let the fear men like Manasseh have put on you with the threat that they'd stop loving your body after a while rule your life.

PADMAVATI, The Satanic Verses and Inda’s Struggle with What It Means to be Democratic

Mr Bhansali is one of the best directors in the world. And he's always tried to pump out great Hindi movies with great stories and great costumes. As a non-Indian, one of my favorite pastimes is watching Indian movies and films by Mr Bhansali are some of the most memorable including my all-time favorite Devdas. It made me want to visit India to see the rich culture that produced such a director and film. Now if these regressives kill Mr Bhansali, imagine the other countless people who might not be lucky enough to see his genius and possibly get lured to come to India to give it tourist dollars. Meanwhile these regressives don't have anything to help the poor Indians living and thriving off the massive tourism industry partly helped by the massive film industry and brilliant directors like Mr Bhansali.

Re: Umaru Sanda, Fulani Herdsmen, and the Curse of Ethnic Bigotry in Ghana

Unless we stop being sheep, the elite in society will always use us. Ordinary Ghanaians, whose ethnic bigoted passions gets whipped up anytime some ignoramus or bigot on TV and radio mention Fulani herdsmen menace are chumps. They are chumps because they hate the wrong people. In Ghana, we make laws for everything. Why hasn't there been a proper law implemented on modern grazing and cattle ranching in Ghana? I tell you what? There hasn't been any because these fat cats in parliament are the ones who own the cows and employ the Fulani to herd them into people's farms. They've refused to make a law that would ban open grazing because it would make it expensive for them. The 2016 Ghana Livestock Development Policy and Strategy has barely anything about cattle ranching in Ghana. It is a silly bunch of nothings that addresses no substantive issue with cattle grazing and ranching in Ghana.

17 US States Make it Illegal to Oppose Israel

Basically, the whole thing takes two forms and has taken two directions as well. First, they tried to pass the legislation in the US Congress and many representatives and senators blocked it because of hue and cry by free speech activists and the ACLU. They have not given up though. They are still trying to pass it in the Senate as as much as 5o senators have been known to support that bill. But given the roadblocks in the national debate, they took a different route. They target the states.So they took a second direction which is reaping success through the states. They have succeeded in the states because there is less scrutiny at the state level and less fanfare when these bills are sneaked in and passed. It is also easy and cheap to bribe state officials to pass these bills. So they have succeeded so far in passing the law in 17 states. This cuts across the entire country from the south to the north and from liberal states like New York to conservative states like Texas.

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