Genesis: when it all began!

I was overwhelmed with “Aki-Olas” and “Prof and Figures” when my father told me I had gained admission into the University of Ghana. It was sometime in September or so. I do know for a fact however that it was during the Nov-Dec exam periods. After an academic year in the lush green country sides of Berryville Virginia where I breezed through IB classes taught by teachers who gave their all to ensure that you understood the matter, I was back writing the much dreaded “Second World War”. It was my contingent plan had my application to UG been rejected.

My educational dream had always been to stay in the states after my high school exchange program for my undergrad but as they say “man proposes and God disposes”. So I was back on the hardened desks with my Casio ES calculator and black and white ID drawing Marginal and Total Cost curves. Not forgetting the stern faced invigilators who looked like guards straight out of Azkaban.

I received my father’s text during the break after section A of the Econ paper was. For the most part I had an ambivalent emotion. On one hand I had just gained admission into the nation’s premier university without writing the WASSCE exams. Before you say I did not merit my place, skim through the pages of the university’s website and you will see that it has a place for “Ghanaians with foreign background”. Basically the school admits junior borgas. So you could say I had enough reason to be grateful and merry.

On the other hand, gaining admission meant a curtailment of my “American Dream”. For my father, an old vandal was all for the continuation of that Father Bacchus tradition. An old school martinet, his word was final and non-negotiable.

So here I was in the midst of a school compound full of middle aged men and breastfeeding mothers all trying to gain admission into a tertiary institution, with my admission secured yet conflicted about how I felt. I did know how I felt about whether or not to continue writing my NOV DEC papers though. I had barely touched my integrated science text books over the past year so not sitting for that paper was a surety. After all, what is the use of a WASSCE certificate once you gain admission into the university?

And so my sojourn in the university started in 2012!!! And like an episode of the Big Bang Theory, it went from 0 to a 100 before I knew it. IAs came and went, semesters passed by and the years slid through with a scaring alacrity. And now I find myself in my senior year! About to leave the bland walls of NNB, the amphitheater-like confines of JQB and the drama of SRC politics. Not forgetting the impending reality of graduating on a 4-0 streak!

THIS IS MY SENIOR YEAR and its chronicles!!!

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