Maybe, just Maybe!

Maybe the stupendously overbearing responsibilities we encumber “well to do” people (which traditionally refers to white collar workers, “borgas”, and recently, footballers playing in Europe) is what fuels this vicious trend of corruption. The minute society catches whiff of a change in your status, the distant cousin informs you of her school fees, the uncle you never spoke to tells you his wife just gave birth and needs a sheep for the naming ceremony, your neighbor brings you her child’s hospital bill and that stranger who pops out of nowhere asks you for change for food.

Now there is nothing wrong with asking but there is everything wrong with expecting the would be benefactor to provide. There is everything wrong with being pissed off once he is not able to provide. And there is everything wrong with calling him “selfish” if he is not able to provide.

For if society does not check this, white collared workers will continue to seek extra means of augmenting their paltry salaries in a bid to be seen as generous and avoid society’s askance glance. May be if the Justice did not have a plethora of people asking crying at his doorstep every morning, he will be okay with his few thousand cedis, just enough to take care of his wife, 4 kids and one cousin! He will have no worries trying to be a HERO!

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