#30Days30Stories Day 13: The Grand Mafia; How Merries and Academy Connived to Sabotage Presec


The smell of the Korle Gono was as strong as always. Wafting its way through town, it permeated the locked doors shielding the inhabitants of the nondescript room housing four furious men and women. They had been deliberating for hours now. The back and forth kept going on late into the darkness of the night. The tabled agenda was simple but maniacally intentioned. How do we gag the shine of Presec?

Of course they were talking of the one true Presec. Not the one in Osu or Aburi. Those were schools trying to bask in the glory and name of the true Presec. The Presec just across the street from the premier University of the land and feeding its lecture halls with the sharpest brains and bodies. Legon Presec had to be brought down and which better co-conspirators than products of the two schools in Accra always shadowed by the light of the capital city.

Hunched around the table draining mugs after mugs of coffee were alumni of Accra Academy and St Mary’s. Already aligned by some sister-brother association which made St Mary’s tagged as the “girls’ school” of Academy, the ends of this meeting was going to be easier to achieve. Both schools had a bone to pick with Presec. A common enemy is a very unifying emblem.

For St Mary’s, the beef was of a petty and personal nature. Of all the all-boys secondary schools in the country, Presec was probably the only one with its girls’ school in another region. The queens of the Eastern Region, Aburi Girls were a mountain away from the land of the strong baobab tree. Distance and a martinet headmistress prevented the ladies in green and cream from seeing their gentlemen in blue. So the need to find a girls’ school in Accra was of immense importance.

The weigh up was between Agiss and Merries. Both had their pluses and minuses so the choice was hard to make. Why settle for one when you could have both? After all, both schools had the hots for the blue magic. At Interco, both bevies sandwiched the Presecans. Looking on in anger and filled with jealousy were the Thomases and the so called Academicians. The boys from St Thomas Aquinas knew their place in the natural ordering of things. They could do little beyond humbly asking to spend some time with their girls. The problem was with the ironically christened Academicians. Betraying their Bleoo tag, they violently tried to get their way anytime they saw the peak milk uniformed girls flirting with the boys in blue. Violence always followed wherever the Academicians went.

Merries took the possible alliance with Presec a tad too serious. Dropping the Acasma for Presma, they were ready to sever the ties with Academy whenever Presec was ready to take things serious. The offer was very juicy but the need to stay true to the daughters of the mountain was more pressing. In the end, fidelity paved the way. After all, these were gentlemen trained in the way of God with a tint of panache.

Feeling betrayed, the bone had been picked with Presec. Merries was never going to forgive, talk less of forgetting. They run back into the ever welcoming arms of the Academicians who had no choice but to welcome home their once lost loved ones. Here we had two friends united in their enmity for Presec. The need for vengeance was tabled in that room where the four Acasmans were meeting.

How best to get back at them? What was the best way to directly attack this bunch of highly talented and smart guys? Sports was not in contention. Presec had seen in recession in its sporting achievements but Academy was even worse off in this regard. Their basketball team for instance was so bad, they scored only a single point in two halves of 15 minutes each. What about the WASSCE exams? The minute they thought at about, they realized the fruitlessness of it.

But then they remembered! Presec, the five time champions of the National Math and Science Quiz was billed for the competition on the same day as St Mary’s and a certain KNUST SHS. This offered them a golden chance to ruin the chances of the only school to pull a back to back in this competition.

And so the ball had been set into motion. The plan was simple: St Mary’s was not a force to reckon with. Excelling in the competition was not something to mull over. Why not use their strategic positioning in the tournament to feed KNUST SHS all the bonus points possible. An excellent scheme it was!!!

From the start of the tournament, KNUST SHS feasted on the questions Merries missed. They devoured all the bonus questions coming their way. Presec could not share in the lunch but God, they believe was on their side. In Thy Light, We Shall See Light.

The light over the years in the tournament had been the riddles section. Presec was a beast at this. People romantically recalled the OXIDATION NUMBER answer given by Adu Poku back in 2009 to effectively win the tournament from Achimota.

First riddle, Presec answered. Second riddle, they grabbed it. Third riddle they munched on it and after killing the fourth riddle, the stage had been set for the most epic come back ever. Down from a multitude of points, the boys were now three points away from tying the scores.

The first clue for the fifth riddle was read out. No one answered. Same for the second clue. You would have thought that one of the Presecans would throw a Hail Mary at this point and attempt an answer. When the third clue was read out, all eyes lay fixed on two out of the three schools. Merries was pretty much down and out at this point. An answer was not going to change anything for them.

Then suddenly, the unexpected happen. A female finger buzzed in. Hush….!!! The crowd fell silent. “…That’s a correct answer from Merries for three points”. Those were the coldest words ever heard by any Presec. More disheartening than “dem gbele” was to a hungry boy kilometers away from the dining hall.

St Mary’s had succeeded in stabbing Presec from whatever angle. It was a deep seated wound. This was going to linger on for years to come. The most decorated school in NSMQ history had been kicked out in the round of 16, all thanks to girls who once loved them.

Hell certainly hath no fury than a woman scorned!



10 thoughts on “#30Days30Stories Day 13: The Grand Mafia; How Merries and Academy Connived to Sabotage Presec

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  1. Lol, our stale sense of humour indeed needs this.
    Such a nice piece. When I thought the conspiracy theories have died down, this resurfaced. I can’t stop laughing… 😂😂😂


  2. Well written piece but two things to point out:
    1.Bonus points are competed for by ringing a bell. So no way merries will be feeding their bonuses to KNUST. Perhaps your boys were not smart there.
    2.There is nothing like fifth riddle in #NSMQ


  3. U sound soo pathetic now , The presby school in Aburi made it to the quater finals and your Big Presby boys didnt.
    Give honor to whome honor is due ? Typical blackman attitude , no wonder we are where we are.
    I want to ask the one who posted this shit on Facebook whether he/she is working for BBC or some ghettoh company posting stuff online ???


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