#30Days30Stories Day 15: How to Get Away with Sins



The Big Bang Theory is arguably the best thing to happen to TV series. It is witty, entertaining and educative at the same time. I am yet to come across anything as successful in this regard as the brainchild of Chuck Lorre. But sitcom is not the only genre that gets my attention all the time. Series based off on Law and every other thing surrounding it do get me glued behind my laptop for long hours.

Suits is definitely on the top of the list of anything legal worthy of watching on TV. And then there is The Good Wife. My once upon a time desire to be a lawyer always gets rekindled whenever I Harvey struts into a conference room looking dapper and closing a deal even before it goes to court. But that passion is never sustained beyond the three hours or so I spend with my laptop burning my light skinned thighs.

Another series with some quality material on the legal field is How to Get Away with Murder. Annalise Keating, the lead character in the series is a black badass lawyer who runs a mentorship program for the brightest students in her class. In the year this series was set, the group she chose to mentor grow an usually close relationship with her due to their abetting of the murder of her husband. The entirety of the plot revolves around hiding the murder hence the name, How to Get Away with Murder.

Of course the show does not only explore the lengths to which she and her protégés go in hiding the murder. The group have cases they solve and the personal lives they live. It is not an “all age friendly” show so viewer discretion is highly advised.

In one of the episodes, Annalise was charged with defending an alleged murder. The alleged had gotten into a spat with another guy and according to him, his gun mistakenly went off, killing the man he was feuding with. A plea agreement had been reached and sentencing was just about to take place when the victim’s mother stepped in to ask for a halting of the entire procedure. She asked for this because she was yet to get closure from the loss of her son and an eye for an eye was not going to bring that. What she wanted was to understand what made this man gun her son down in cold blood.

She got what she asked for, time with the alleged. In their time alone, she came to know the truth. This man had intentionally shot her son and the last text message she had gotten from her beloved which read “I love you mom” was actually not from her son but the killer. He had sent it to her after he realized the folly of his ways. In that moment, she felt robbed of the last string of memory she had of her son. But something  mysterious happened!

Instead of feeling angrier and demanding a harsher sentence, she pleaded for a softer one. Of what use was this man rotting away in jail when he clearly was showing penitence. So back in court, they pleaded for a lessening of the sentencing. The prosecutor however was not going to be outdone. They wanted nothing lesser than life in prison with no chance of parole. The victim’s mother would not have that. She wanted this boy to live out his life even though he had taken away from her but the killer could not bring himself to fight on knowing he was very guilty. He took the offer.

In as much as the attributes of God cannot be described in human words and terms, the best similitude of God’s forgiveness is like that shown by the victim’s mother. God is not a bloodthirsty God out on the streets patrolling for vengeance. He is a loving and forgiving God who is ready to scrape off your sins so long as your take responsibility, become remorseful and resolve to NEVER go back.

Sometimes we beat ourselves down too hard like the killer. We think our ways are so rotten and wrong, there is no turning back so we take the fall in the form of never getting it right. It is very easy writing about this but the lived reality is much different. It is extremely hard in practice and that is what Ramadan seeks to easy. The doors of forgiveness are opened 24/7 but the floodgates are lifted in this month. Seek absolution, not just forgiveness, from the Lord who loves to absolve his servants from their wrong ways!

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  1. Nice job.
    You had many wrong sentences apparently this job was done in a rush.
    There should be many motivations in this month. There should be stories behind the whole month not readily available to us in the Holy book…….. You can do it more before the night of power.


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