#30Days30Stories Day 22: Dear Future Khadija



Hello, it’s been a while since we last talked. During that period, I completed my undergraduate program at Legon, lost out on the BloggingGhana award I was in the run for, organized a debate competition and lost out on a debate competition. I have been steady with my blogging, struggling to post a story each day of the month of Ramadan.

Enough about me now. How are you doing? Still got years left on your studies or are you also a fresh graduate? Interning your summer break away or playing couch potato? Binge watching “how I met your mother” or rereading the “Harry Potter” series? How is the fast? Do you fast for fourteen hours like I do or you find yourself in another hemisphere fasting 18 hours or less than the 14 here in Ghana?

You know, just before the fast, there were a 1001 weddings all around Zongo and it made me remember you. It is a little baffling why everyone is in a rush to get married just before the fast. Is it out of a desire to have home cooked Iftaar and Sahoor? Is their chastity so fragile they fear they cannot guard it during the month of Ramadan? Or is it because marriage in of itself is worship and what better way to get more blessings from this act of worship than starting it off in Ramadan.

I think it is really cool to have a wife in the month of Ramadan. No, I am not going to make you slave your way throughout the month. I am not crazy about having a sumptuously prepared Iftaar or Sahoor so do not worry. My Sahoor this year has either been spaghetti with omelet or Oatmeal with pale bread. And for Iftaar, I eat whatever my money can afford. The last time, I broke my fast with yoghurt in the Trotro and my world did not come to an end. When I do have some loose change, I head to Chicken Inn on Monday for their “Two for the price of one” deal so do not worry. You would not be an overburdened cook. But please make sure your “Yam and Kontomire stew” game is on fleek. Pleaseeeee!!!

I want to have a wife in Ramadan because the thought of worshipping Allah with someone is just adorable. Think about it, we could do our zikr off each other’s palms. I will wake you up for tahajjud on nights the alarm fail you and when I do forget an ayah, who better than you correcting me? And I could kiss you after breaking the fast and Allah will still reward me for that. Cool huh? If I do decide to do #30Days30Stories, you could guest blog on days I have writer’s block. Oh and there is that thing where couples feed each other and sometimes the lady eats off the plate of the guy. I could go on and on till the azan is called for Iftaar.

You need to show your face now so Ramadan in 2018 becomes a scene from a Disney movie but with Iman (faith) on fleek. Dm me your father’s number so all this becomes a reality.


With Love,

Your Hopeless Romantic Ango to Be.

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