Kwabena’s Review: Kejetia vs Makola!

Comedy is a funny business. Funny not in the literal meaning of the word but the meaning that metaphorically connotes how complicated it can be. Funny in the way that communicates how tricky it can be or how murky success can be. And all these boils down to how funny, in the literal sense, the comedian is. Pretty straightforward right? Well not entirely!

When you talk comedy, some names pop out and stand out. Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock and Russell Peters are some of the headliners you will expect. Most of us guffawed to movies featuring some of these names and continue to stream snippets of their shows on YouTube.

There are also the indigenous Ghanaian acts we grew up to. Araba Stamp of blessed memory is arguably one of the most iconic comedians in Ghanaian comedy together with the cast of Keysoap Concert Party. Bob Okala’s gigantic clock tucked on his wrist was enough to get one cracking up whenever he stepped on the stage. And then there is a long list that spans from Santo, Agya Koo to modern day Lil Win. Of course this list is far from exhaustive but these names will always be mentioned whenever Ghana comedy is being discussed. One other name that cannot be excluded from such discussions in 2017 is that of Lawyer Ntim.

As lead of the latest comedy show on Ghanaian TVs Kejetia vs Makola, the Kejetia “trained” lawyer, Ntim,  is doing an excellent job entertaining us with local content. Of course there is no law school in Kejetia. The area is mostly notable for its huge open air market, unlike its “sister” open air market at Makola which does have a law school in its environs.

Kejetia vs Makola in many ways presents itself as a contrast between Ghana’s premier law school located in the capital, Accra and a fictitious one in Kumasi. Playing on the already existing trolling fest between the two cities, the comedy series shows us what has come to be expected of products of Makola, verbosity couched under a sense of high appreciation of the law as against the perceived low level of English comprehension attributed to the people of Kumasi.

Lawyer Ntim, shortened form of a much longer name I cannot spell out, handles some of the most frivolous cases you will ever come across but in reality, these are cases that someway somehow chokes up our justice system. Cases such as the one where he represented a man jilted by a lady who took his money but never requited his affection for her. Lawyer Ntim prayed the court to force the lady to fall for his client!!!

The show is funny for a host of reasons varying from the silliness of the cases, the horrible English of Ntim, the warped arguments he uses to defend his “crients” (how he mentions CLIENTS like the average kumasiano) which sometimes ends in him incriminating the very people he is supposed to defend to the straight face he maintains even when everyone in the courtroom including the judge is either bawling their eyes out cracking their ribs or forcing themselves to stifle a laugh.

If you want a series that will educate you on the law, go watch Boston Legal or The Good Wife. But if you are in for a show situated inside the confines of a courtroom yet giving you a good dose of laughter, then Kejetia vs Makola is your show!


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