Why You Should Tame Your Expectations!

One major source of most of our frustrations is EXPECTATIONS. We expect so much from everyone else but ourselves. We expect our parents to always be there. We expect the government to provide certain things for us. We expect friends to shelter us on rainy days. We expect the rich uncles and aunties to play Santa Claus for us. We expect those who know to teach us.

For the most part, some of these expectations are valid. You really can’t do it all. But we need to be wary of how this can lock us up in a cage of dependency. We need to start expecting more from ourselves first before we expect from others. At the end of the day, everyone is really just looking out for themselves so chances are, our expectations would not be met.

Have higher expectations but make sure the fulfillment of that expectations depends more on you than someone else coming through for you!

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