Trump Pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio IS Very Much in Line with American Values: WHITE MEN ARE THE LAW!

Trump pardoning Joe Arpaio is very much in line with American values: WHITE MEN ARE THE LAW: The law is what they feel it is, especially when dealing with non-white Americans.

Just for those who don’t know enough about the story of this thug named Joe Arpaio. Once voted in as Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona in 1993, he started randomly barging into the county’s 27% + Latino neighborhoods demanding immigration papers. In the United States, ‘the law’ is that you must have probable cause to interdict someone for law enforcement reason. One of those is NOT THEIR RACE or SKIN COLOR. The thug went ahead to detain and question Latinos on their immigration status simply because they looked Latino. He set up open air immigration jails in extreme heats he himself gleefully called CONCENTRATION CAMPS. His many crimes are too numerous to list here so you can go read more about them else.

The reason he was sentenced to 6 months in jail wasn’t because of his Gestapo crimes but because he got into a power tussle and fell foul of another American institution: the courts.

He as an Arizona state law enforcement officer is limited to ONLY State law unless a federal agency asks him to help them on a federal case. He doesn’t have the jurisdiction to enforce FEDERAL LAW. One such federal law is immigration. So when the thug went on illegally detaining and questioning and jailing Latinos in his self-described concentration camps, he was encroaching on the territory of the federal authorities, who have also actually been documented to treat immigrants terribly in inhumane detention centers.

Now, under normal circumstances, if you break the law, you get punished for doing so. But for Joe Arpaio, the white guy, he was given a slap on the back and told not to continue usurping the powers of Washington. But remember that Joe Arpaio is a white man and he is the law or the law is what he says or feels it is. So he decided to ignore many federal judge’s orders while encouraging his deputies to do same and keep illegally profiling, detaining, and jailing Latinos.

So the federal judge is obviously pissed that this pesky Sheriff in Arizona is defying him so he gives him 6 months prison sentence for contempt of court. Now comes the exciting part. The separation of powers between different branches of government is just a principle. It is only when different branches decide to respect it that it serves as checks and balances for the institutions of the country. For the judicial branch, contempt is their go to weapon to defend against other branches of government and people deciding to be law onto themselves or disrespecting the judiciary. So when the judge decided to send Arpaio to prison for a paltry 6 months, he was basically saying ‘we still have laws, not that building a concentration camp or race based detentions are bad, but we get to do it, not you.’

When Trump pardoned thug Arpaio, he basically ripped apart the separation of powers(should have been ironic for a guy shouting law and order candidate throughout the election but it is obviously not). He told the courts that he doesn’t respect their power unless they do what he wants. Of course, that is unsurprising given his rants against federal courts since his inauguration when they blocked his immigration plans. But this pardon goes beyond just turning (if it were any different already) the US into a dictatorship.

Trump’s pardon of thug Arpaio is sending a clear message to his white male supporters that they are the law. He already promised them that he’d defend them if they assault people. He has guaranteed them that they are outside the reach of the so called long arm of the law. Countless studies already show that African Americans and other minorities get punished way more often and more severely for same actions done by white Americans. Remember Brock Turner? My friend Elias and I were amazed listening to our white graduate school friends recollect all the myriad hard drugs they did as teens and young adults. What Trump did was crudely act out what real American values are when it comes to the law.

White men are the law onto themselves and thug Arpaio and his buddy Trump just want to tell you that you shouldn’t think anything has changed yet. If you were under any grand illusion, they want you to know it is time to wake up.


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