Trump, DACA, and the Hypocrisy of Obama and the Democrats

This is a difficult thing for me to say as real people’s lives are affected but it needs to be said nonetheless:

Obama and the Democrats and so-called moderate Republicans gesticulating their outrage over Trump’s killing of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals—-notice the name… “deferred action”) are all monumental hypocrites. They don’t care about Undocumented Immigrants just like Oompa Loompa Trump. They are smooth about how they screw them.
Obama came into office, had control of every lever of government, and yet he did nothing about immigration reform that could have solved the issue with undocumented immigrants including the less than 8% covered by Obama’s meager DACA. And this is what I hate most about Obama and people like him. Obama was only posturing when he did DACA. He is the deportation king among presidents. And with full power, he left them vulnerable to future mad men like Trump.
DACA was Obama posturing as the Mr. Nice Guy while leaving the problem intact. The most secure way Obama could have shown he cared about child immigrants would have been immigration reform including protection for their families, parents, and guardians, but he didn’t. He rather deported a lot more of them. And used a temporary and easily revokable executive order covering a very very small section of them as a political gimmick. Obama and Democrats are to blame for this whole thing.
As much as Trump is a despicable human being, Obama, Democrats and so-called Moderate Republicans are more diabolical. They are diabolical because they are smart. And they know how to play people. They can act nice while screwing you. They do little and make it look like they are well-intentioned and doing a lot. Trump is just straight-up mean spirited but I think people like Obama are more harmful.
I know what I am saying will not be well received by DACA beneficiaries and I completely understand why. It is their personal lives on the line and they just don’t get to put their personal lives on the back burner and talk about larger issues like I am doing. So they are right to disagree with me. And I think that is the tragedy in this whole business. While Trump does a crude divide-and-rule game, people like Obama do a more subtle and insidious version of it. They divide families and the immigrant community by policies like DACA while back door deporting more immigrants.

I have nothing against DACA but I think it is woefully inadequate and in the grand scheme of things a drop in the ocean and a political gimmick by Obama and Democrats to make themselves feel good while leaving the problem intact. Trump is indeed heartless for taking away this little sliver of humanity left in the US immigration policy towards undocumented immigrants but we should be careful how we do our narrative around this. Trump’s despicableness is making us applaud people who are just as diabolical but are just smooth operators like Obama.

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