The Audacity of a Crook: Hillary Clinton’s New Smear Campaign Against Bernie Sanders in Her New Book

As Hillary Clinton shamelessly go on blaming everybody and especially Sanders for her loss to Trump, let’s remember she stayed in the 2008 race till June. She even suggested Obama might get assassinated like Bobby Kennedy so she will Smear in the race in case that happens.
I don’t know, but the more I listen to Clinton speak, the more I see why she lost to the worst candidate in US History. Clinton is just arrogant in her feeling of entitlement for getting the nomination and the presidency. She just lies blatantly about Sanders attacking her when she and her supporters attacked Obama more viciously than Sanders ever did to her (They started or spread the Obama birth certificate thing. They spread he was a secret Muslim thing. They started he was a radical Black guy who hated white people thing with the Pastor Jeremiah Wright controversy. 
Bernie was always trying to step away from directly criticizing Hillary’s person…remember the “I am tired of her damn emails” from Bernie? Hillary Clinton is disingenuous and has no dignity or integrity at all. Even Elizabeth Warren savaged Hillary personally for changing her bankruptcy vote in 2001 because of money and campaign contributions. But Bernie never went to any of that personal attacks.
Exit polls showed that more Sanders primary voters voted Hillary in 2016 than Hillary primary voters voted for Obama in 2008. Hillary lost to Trump because she is a terrible and uninspiring candidate who run a terrible campaign. She had to be dragged to things the Democratic base is passionate about: single payer (which she shouted at the top of her lungs will never happen in a national debate), $15 minimum wage (she still went on supporting a measly $12), free college education (she was forced to come up with free tuition only), and she aligned herself with the Wallstreet (whom many in the Democratic base hates). To the extent that you allowed Trump and even Republicans to come out as the opposition to Wallstreet when they usually are the ones for big business.
So you ran a stupid and uninspiring campaign and lost to an Oompa Loompa and you write a stupid book attacking fellow Democrats and continuing to accuse Bernie of sexism? I am glad she lost. Bernie had 100% voting record in the Senate and during his time as mayor on women’s issues, and you write a book bashing him for sexism when you have a p***sy grabber in the white house. Priorities!

And just to put things in perspective, since the election, Bernie has been running around the country, canvassing Democrats and Progressives for liberal priorities while Clinton has been in the woods writing stupid books attacking fellow Democrats. Bernie is trying to flip workers in West Virginia for the Democrats among other states. He has been canvassing senators to support single-payer and many others. Who is the real Democrat? Bernie is more of the leader of the Democrats than Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi.
And in her book and in interviews, Clinton keep repeating that Bernie is not a Democrat as if that is anything useful when the guy has voted alongside Democrats 99% of the time more than some so-called Democrats. This woman just needs to disappear. The more she speaks, the more she destroys the Democrats. The only good thing about her book and her new interviews is that she says she will no longer run for president. Bye!

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