Affirmative Action, Asians, Indians, and Solidarity Among Minorities

This Indian guy right here is why there is a challenge of solidarity among racial minorities in the US. This is sensitive but I am going to talk about it nonetheless.

While African Americans tend to relate to and show solidarity with other racial minorities in America, many racial minorities couldn’t care a tiny bit about African Americans. And this Vikram guy is a quintessential example of that. A damned foolish and entitled little man. Affirmative action is unfair to you an Indian immigrant because you think it is discriminatory in favor of African Americans? Hey asshole, where were your ancestors when the ancestors of African Americans were slaving to build this country? These foolish people aggravate me more than white supremacists. This damn fool is an African whose ancestors were taken to India years back or simply a black Tamil. Anthropologists have already shown the immense link between Tamils and Africans (especially East Africa – both biologically, and linguistically and culturally). So this fool going around saying he faked being back to get into a school is a total tool.

Now, as an African in America whose direct ancestors weren’t slaves, I don’t go around trying to get into any school through affirmative action. What this loser did is disgraceful and instead of hiding his idiotic face in shame, he keeps going to news media to spout his nonsense. And of course, pot stirrers like CNN keep interviewing this fool. I have always told people that CNN is just as bad as FOX. They don’t challenge this asshole when they bring him on to spew crap. If I checked on an admission form that I am an African American, I have committed a crime because I am not. This fool did it and is now using it to try to destroy affirmative action. SMH.

As the usual arguments go, white women should be fighting more to keep affirmative action than African Americans because it has done more for them than African Americans. African Americans still make consistently around 2-3% of most major colleges and universities in America and major is the least paying programs even though they make up about 13% of the US population. This hullabaloo about affirmative action is a non-issue. If African Americans were so much the beneficiaries of this so-called positive discrimination on a sustained scale, their enrolment in colleges in the US would have been much better than it is now. In my school here at Texas A&M, African Americans make up about 2.7% of the student population even though Matthew Gaines, an African American Texas State Legislator worked hard to get the land for the school. This is replicated throughout the US. At the same time, most HBCU’s, established through the blood and sweat of African Americans, are now flooded by white and Asian students.

But this narrative of discrimination for African Americans keeps persistent because of useful idiots like this Vikram guy and CNN. It is so stupid man. People just looking for victim status it is appalling. Mr. Vikram needs to be arrested for impersonation (since he thinks himself not black) rather being trotted out on national media to stir controversy. And of course, the white supremacist in the white house and his minions are going to be ecstatic about this as they have already started to take schools like Harvard to task based on Mr. Vikram’s shenanigans. But what I will say is what I have always said: if you tear down the collective protections we all have because it inconveniences you personally, you will make up one day without any protection for you.

The cultural advocacy and currents this black doofus is riding on will turn around full circle to bite him in the ass. When a policeman sees him, he is most unlikely to differentiate him from African Americans. His kids, unless he marries a white woman, will not be distinguished from other black kids. So tearing down the few protections African Americans have will turn around to get him. When Islamaphobes and heartless haters went on their murderous missions, they did not distinguish between Sikhs and Muslims or just ordinary Indians in American restaurants. But you did find many Indians joining in the whipping up of hatred against Muslims and Arabs. But that tide of hate did not discriminate. It consumed people from communities that joined in the hate. Selfishness is not a fine trait. I live with the mantra of “I am because we are and we are because I am.” And Asians like Mr. Vikram here are some of the most selfish people I have ever seen and I hope they don’t live to regret it but I greatly doubt it because KARMA they say is a dick.

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