Rejoinder: Manasseh’s Love Letter to Ebody

If I have two younger siblings; one boy and the other girl, and the boy goes out to have sex and I say nothing to him, and the girl go out to have sex and I unleash a fierce public denouncement of my sister, it is not advice out of love, it is control. Or I have a twisted type of love, the kind of love that allows fathers and mothers to give their 9-15-year-Olds to men as old as 90 to marry in the name of loving and protecting them.

Let me tell you something, Manasseh is a stupid sanctimonious jackass misogynist. And please my sister out there, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: DON’T LET SHAME CONTROL YOUR LIFE. People like Manasseh are conditioning you to live by shame. It is a great trick applied in the name of love to mask the power moves they are making. Don’t fall for the nefarious “I’m doing this because you’re precious” trick. It is the oldest and most effective trick in the book. Put them up on a pedestal and keep them locked up in that pedestal while saying boys will be boys. And, my sister, you are not a flower or butterfly. All bull crap about your body time limits is nonsense. I have seen 50-year-old women who have sexually attracted me more than a lot of 19 or 20 year olds. Life is all about finding the right person and living your life with the most happiness and adventure you can find. Don’t let the fear men like Manasseh have put on you with the threat that they’d stop loving your body after a while rule your life.

Remember Prophet Muhammad (SAW), married a woman almost twice his age who was almost 50. Don’t listen to two-bit fools like Manasseh. We are on a mission. Don’t get derailed by cheap tricks and temptations like Manasseh is doing with “I am only telling you because of I love you” crap. This is getting too long but I need you to think about the damning consequences of that pernicious ideology of men like Manasseh which reinforces the male lust for the nubile female body. This post is to my sisters but I need you to think about this ideology’s impact on male psyche, and how many girls have been raped and molested because we continue to fetishize young women’s bodies. We need our boys retrained psychologically but we need our sisters to decide never to allow their bodies to be sites of shame.

But on a more simpler level, what is good for the goose is also good for the gander because we all live in the same society. If two-bit nincompoops like Manasseh is really truly interested in the principle that musicians should not be nude in public, he will send public letters dripping sanctimony to all our hiplife musicians whom I have personally witnessed performing with barely anything on. When my brother goes out to have sex, he doesn’t stick his penis into an ant’s nest so my talk about sex should be with him too. We allow boys to have no fucking consequences for their actions pushing it all on girls and then use it as proof that we should control girls more. What a bunch of bull crap. Society makes the girl stop school and allow the boy to continue when he puts the baby in her. We just let him off the hook as if there are no consequences for his actions and use it as proof that there are no consequences for his actions. SMH. And we stop girls from school or shun them when they get pregnant and then say “look, you get consequences than boys”. What the actual fuck? And you know what the sad part is? They have managed to worm their way into women’s minds with that stupid conniving evil scheming to believe in their own inferiority, to live in shame.

I am angry this morning because I just read a sister I love bend to that twisted misogynistic mindset. What a tragedy. A real tragedy indeed. Now more than ever, I have a new appreciation for what Efe Plange has started with unlearning toxic narratives and pepper dem. And fuck you Manasseh for using your megaphone to perpetuate that toxic waste of an ideology. Fuck you gazillion time over. And fuck you even more.

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