Fist Bumps and Hi-Fives, a friend-zone story. (Part 1)

“I have been holding this in for so long. I think we will make a beautiful couple. I know I am not peng and all, but I still think we will be good together. See eh, our conversations are effortless. I can easily confide in you. We gossip about stuff. Our vibe be jerh! You dey barb my wild thoughts wey I dey barb yours waa”, Mo’s unusually long text read. Usually his texts were maximum three sentences long and they were either about how crappy Liverpool were on the night or some silly post he saw on twitter. The last tweet he shared with her read “after he’s done giving you back shots and is lying on the bed panting, whisper in his ears you know have di strength of the black panther. They both found this hilarious, just as they did a bunch of other stuff. She had quickly responded to that text. Not this time around.

Maame knew this was going to pop up sometime soon. It was the proverbial elephant in the room. Except this was probably bigger than an elephant. It was a mammoth, whose tusks threatened to destroy every china in this shop called friendship they had both built. She had typed up three messages already but each time had to clear it up for fear of coming across as insensitive, cold! It was not that she was not feeling this way too. In fact she really was. She was actually drawn to him the minute they first met.

Mo was the loud in a group type. But not loud enough to come across as rude or as we say, too known. He was sure of himself. Mo was well spoken without the need to drop unnecessary words. You know how someone can be well read enough to speak on every topic but never present himself as the jack of all trade? That was Mo. When Maame first met him, she was a dreamy eyed freshman at the Political Science department trying to pay her POSSA dues. POSSA is the union for political science students. Mo was a sophomore at the time and had volunteered to help students with their registration. He was in the thick of a heated debate on the usual NPP-NDC politics. Maame could not be bothered. The neck turning moment for her was when he made an analogy using Voldemort and how Dumbledore’s Army’s efforts had brought him down. Eii Who is this guy using Voldemort in an NPP-NDC argument, she thought to herself.

She could not bring herself to leave after she was done with her registration. The sun was scorching and there was no shuttle in sight. A good reason for her to loiter around. But the better reason was this guy who had casually dropped a Harry Potter reference to friends who did not value its relevance on how grass root movements, regardless of how marginal they might look, are capable of toppling regimes and effecting change. These friends had rubbished it without even knowing who Voldemort is (one guy asked “what is a Voldemort?”).

Eventually the argument simmered down. The level 200s had a required course in a couple of minutes and the earlier they had rushed to the lecture hall, the better for them. UGRCs saw students from different departments being combined in large and stuffy auditoriums so anyone who wanted to actually hear the lecturer speak rushed to the lecture hall as quickly as possible. Mo was one of such people. But before he could dash off, Maame walked up to him and having thought through the scenario she had been scheming out for the past 23 minutes, quietly asked Mo, umm excuse me, please how do I get to JQB from here. She knew very well where JQB was but this was her shooting her shot and it did not matter if she was shooting planks so long as she was shooting something. But shooting planks when you are shooting at a university guy does not matter. Every shot lands. Especially when you fit the prototype of what twitter says is beautiful.

Maame was 5-8 feet tall with the type of skin that screamed “I am about to take a picture and caption it sun kissed”. She was also slim thick: slightly heaped upward, curvy downwards and all balanced with a not too wide waist. Mo was just tall. Tall enough to dunk a basketball with a little effort and just enough to get girls hearing his heartbeat when they hug him.

Oh JQB is not far from here ooo. I am actually going there, we could walk together if you do not mind. 

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