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If you are reading this, you probably already know what a Zango (wrongly spelt and pronounced as Zongo) is or you are probably wondering why an “About us” has an image of a “me”. If you don’t the answer to the first statement, then you are probably a non-Ghanaian. So to the non-Ghanaians and Ghanaians who only recently crept out of whatever rock they were living under, a Zango is a hausa name that means a settlement on the outskirts of town. Over time, it has evolved to represent diversity, energy, vibrancy and ambition. Of course it has its own share of negativity but it nonetheless remains a boiling pot of dreams and aspirations. To the second statement, the shortest answer is “I am yet to find an image to capture the vision I am pursuing”.

Zangotude is the attitude of the Zangos and that is what this blog identifies with. That vibrancy and energy in commenting on sociopolitical and economic issues while showing accuracy. It is this same attitude of ambition that translates in a first step towards making this a multimedia blog offering podcasts and a photo story section!

Zangotude is the plug!

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