Kwabena’s Crappy Reviews: “Fences”

  Denzel Washington is obviously one of the greatest actors of all time. Not just one of the greatest actors of color but the greatest of all time. Whatever stratosphere the best actors and actresses in the history of humanity currently occupy, Denzel sits loftily on a cloud higher. In the latest movie he directed... Continue Reading →

My President got carried away.

  I wish I had a personal anecdote to build this on. The type Tanehisi Coates so beautifully structured his “My President was Black” story on. The kind that sets your reader’s mind in the right ambience, sharing subtle details about my president’s charm on the microphone. How he trekked the entire country with alacrity... Continue Reading →

Model UN and the Battle of Egos

A couple of days ago, over 90 lives were lost in Aleppo. It did not make the news as prominently as the attempted bombing in Chelsea, New York. After over five years of utter destruction and senseless killing by a multitude of factions in this complex war, it is safe to assume “Syrian Lives Do... Continue Reading →

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