The Learning Process.

Over a year ago, I bought a second hand camera and decided to start photo blogging to while away time. It was six months after graduation and I had decided to use that year as a gap year so there was ample time at my disposal. When I first bought the camera, I knew next... Continue Reading →

Is Loyalty Overrated?

For most people in the sporting world, an athlete’s loyalty to his club matters a lot. It might not be as huge as it is in basketball, but across the sporting world, loyalty is a significant currency. There are some Barcelona fans peeved and pissed off with Neymar for deciding to leave the Nou Camp.... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Tame Your Expectations!

One major source of most of our frustrations is EXPECTATIONS. We expect so much from everyone else but ourselves. We expect our parents to always be there. We expect the government to provide certain things for us. We expect friends to shelter us on rainy days. We expect the rich uncles and aunties to play... Continue Reading →

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