What about Gambaga? What about FGM?

  Arguments are very interesting. More than just shouting your points across from entrenched positions, arguments are a lot more about subtleties of the positions you are pushing across than they are about the major sticking points that jumps across at first. In most social media banters, the nuances get lost in the heat of... Continue Reading →

Justifying The Violence: The KNUST Student Protests

Argued within a vacuum, the utilization of violence in every struggle will have a strong appeal. Especially when the supposed oppressor/oppressive system is one built on flat out non-communication with the oppressed. When all channels of conventional means of communication fails, violence, which in of itself represents a unique manifestation of communication seems like a... Continue Reading →

The Late Sense of Patriotism

dear Ama Ghana, PATRIOTISM IS DEAD: I trust that the infinite power which rules the destinies of the universe has granted you tranquillity in all your endeavours. Pardon me if you may for my failure to keep you posted on the series of events that have gone bye; I know by now you are uninformed... Continue Reading →

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