Is Black/Dark = Devil/Ominous Universal?

During the repast the king’s wives stood by peeping at him; some said, “He eats like a man, really he is a human being!” After all Mr. Kamp took off his clothes before old [Frimpong], who now could touch him, when he said, “Ah, you are really a human being, but only too white, like a devil!”

Ghanaian Opposition to Gay (LGBTQ) Rights: Debate

The main resistance to LGBTQ rights in Ghana comes from two intertwined frames: 1. it is not our culture and 2. the Bible/Qur’an says. These two frames hinges on the same moral plane. I am a very happy student of civil rights history and very much an advocate for progressive social change and inclusivity. So, I am going to tackle this issue from a position of civil rights and social progress frame.

Anthony Bourdain and The Vulnerability of Compassion

The way graduate school is, most people are loners because we are inundated with work that require us to be hermetic. My friends were basically hi hi friends here and I started to lose my sense of purpose. Coupled with the incessant negative news in the US media (especially the wanton killing of black folk), I literally felt like there was no point in living.

Men and Sense of Entitlement to Women’s Bodies

These so-called INCELS call regular people Chads (Tyrone if black man) and Stacys. They think they have the right to get sex from women because they're supposedly nice or gentlemen. The California killer is referred to as "Supreme Gentleman" by the Toronto killer. This is the kind of male entitlement to female bodies that we need to stamp out of male consciousness.

Movie Review: Black Panther, Amazing, But with Reservations

The Wakanda Trope and African Culture: Ubuntu. The idea of an African nation hidden away and purposefully not interested in helping their neighbors is absolutely not African. It is true that African nations and tribes didn't see themselves as one but separate nations in the past, but it is absolutely the case that ever since slavery and colonialism, which apparently happened in the Wakanda world too, African nations have come to each other's aid with the meager resources we had, especially when it came to fighting outside African forces. Take Algeria, take South Africa, take Guinea Bissau etc. African Sensibilities of Ubuntu ie compassion and humanity for fellow humans and neighbors isn't properly represented. The only character who came close to this was Lupita's character Nakia who was out helping kidnapped children in Nigeria.

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