The Learning Process.

Over a year ago, I bought a second hand camera and decided to start photo blogging to while away time. It was six months after graduation and I had decided to use that year as a gap year so there was ample time at my disposal. When I first bought the camera, I knew next... Continue Reading →


Bride price has always been symbolic in traditional Africa. That is why my father, a staunchly traditional man has always grudgingly accepted it with as little an amount as possible. I don't know the exact intricacies of my sisters marital homes but none of their husbands has ever come to us arguing


Imagine that 5% of the population has diabetes. And of the 5% of diabetes sufferers, doctors find that 55% of them got it through eating apples. If I hear a headline saying "diabetes is mostly caused by apples," does that do real justice to the conversation? Forget that say 50% of the population eats apples. But if you read the headline, it might make you up in arms about the dangers of apples and obsessing over the extreme dangers of apples.

New Year. New Me?

It’s just another day. Nothing special. Cynics of New Year celebrations always repeat this statement whenever the proverbial curtain is about to be lowered on the year. In all honesty, there is a lot of truth in that statement. Because when you think about it, there is nothing different about 1st January 1, 2018. Maybe... Continue Reading →

Rejoinder: Manasseh’s Love Letter to Ebody

Let me tell you something, Manasseh is a stupid sanctimonious jackass misogynist. And please my sister out there, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: DON'T LET SHAME CONTROL YOUR LIFE. People like Manasseh are conditioning you to live by shame. It is a great trick applied in the name of love to mask the power moves they are making. Don't fall for the nefarious "I'm doing this because you're precious" trick. It is the oldest and most effective trick in the book. Put them up on a pedestal and keep them locked up in that pedestal while saying boys will be boys. And, my sister, you are not a flower or butterfly. All bull crap about your body time limits is nonsense. I have seen 50-year-old women who have sexually attracted me more than a lot of 19 or 20 year olds. Life is all about finding the right person and living your life with the most happiness and adventure you can find. Don't let the fear men like Manasseh have put on you with the threat that they'd stop loving your body after a while rule your life.

When Are We Coming For Yours?

Facebook has this thing where it reminds you of how not so cool 16 year old you was (that’s if you are a 90s baby who started using Facebook in its earlier days). Facebook memories would humble you. On a day when you are feeling yourself, you’ll be reminded of how far you have come... Continue Reading →

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