George Orwell’s 1984 and America

The message I will say I got from this book is to resist the concentration of power (knowledge, military, economic, political, social) in any single source with all our might. I say this because power is self perpetuatin, and will, as in 1984, use any means necessary to prolong its existence or preserve itself.

Ghanaian Opposition to Gay (LGBTQ) Rights: Debate

The main resistance to LGBTQ rights in Ghana comes from two intertwined frames: 1. it is not our culture and 2. the Bible/Qur’an says. These two frames hinges on the same moral plane. I am a very happy student of civil rights history and very much an advocate for progressive social change and inclusivity. So, I am going to tackle this issue from a position of civil rights and social progress frame.

Obama, Trump: On Immigration and Family Separation

The violence in Central America in particular reached crescendo in recent years due to the record deportation Obama did, leading to more children and women attempting the treacherous journey. Until Democrats stop enforcement of US imperial drug policy in Central and South America, their professed empathy for illegal immigrants is mute. I will say that I don't even trust their professed empathy. When asked by Christian Amanpour her views on unaccompanied minors seeking asylum in the US, then Candidate Hillary Clinton argued that "a message" must be sent to these children and their parents that if they cross the border, they'll be sent back. When pressed by Amanpour, that isn't it safer for the kids to be given asylum than being sent back, Clinton argued that even though that may be the case, they must be sent back and that her views are consistent with the Obama administration policy.

Trump Will Win the 2020

I want to cut through any ancillary commentary and give you why I'm predicting a win for Trump in 2020. Even though the Democrats are my primary frustration, that's not fully why I am making my current assessment. My assessment is based on a number of factors. 1. Trump has no opponents: the Establishment opposition... Continue Reading →

Anthony Bourdain and The Vulnerability of Compassion

The way graduate school is, most people are loners because we are inundated with work that require us to be hermetic. My friends were basically hi hi friends here and I started to lose my sense of purpose. Coupled with the incessant negative news in the US media (especially the wanton killing of black folk), I literally felt like there was no point in living.

Men and Sense of Entitlement to Women’s Bodies

These so-called INCELS call regular people Chads (Tyrone if black man) and Stacys. They think they have the right to get sex from women because they're supposedly nice or gentlemen. The California killer is referred to as "Supreme Gentleman" by the Toronto killer. This is the kind of male entitlement to female bodies that we need to stamp out of male consciousness.

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