Of Astro Turfs in Inner City Centers-; Is the Ministry of Inner City and Zongo Development Getting it Right?

When the current government announced their intention to create a ministry dedicated to Zongo communities, I was upbeat about it. That announcement, at the very least, signified some dedication to issues afflicting Zongo communities. So when the government actually went through with its campaign promise, there was a glimmer of hope that was lighted in... Continue Reading →

Anthony Bourdain and The Vulnerability of Compassion

The way graduate school is, most people are loners because we are inundated with work that require us to be hermetic. My friends were basically hi hi friends here and I started to lose my sense of purpose. Coupled with the incessant negative news in the US media (especially the wanton killing of black folk), I literally felt like there was no point in living.

The Learning Process.

Over a year ago, I bought a second hand camera and decided to start photo blogging to while away time. It was six months after graduation and I had decided to use that year as a gap year so there was ample time at my disposal. When I first bought the camera, I knew next... Continue Reading →

Case Revisionism: The Misery of Melfah

Melfa v. R was a case about the manslaughter of Robert Mensah by Melfa. The court held that Melfa had acted out of self defense and thus reduced his sentence from 8 years to 4 years.  Robert, papapa. Robert, papapa. Robert Mensah, goalkeeper number one. Aka nana, na wak) aburokyire Kwasia bi te h), eye... Continue Reading →

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